Diamond Kote's New Design! Coming in 2018 and 2019

February 7, 2018

♦ New to Our Area! ♦


What is RigidStack Siding?


RigidStack Siding is an LP® SmartSide® product re-manufactured with all the lap siding features and has come to be more efficient in the installation process. With its heavy-duty spline, this product is up t0 22% faster and easier to install since it is now produced with a beveled edge and nailing line.




What else is great about this product? 


♦ Less Crowning


♦ No Siding Chatter


♦ 375% Stronger with now having 70 pounds of pull strength VS. Vinyl Siding with 18 pounds of pull strength 


♦ 33% Less H-Molds than 12' Siding


Do you have to put H-Moldings on your house?


H-Moldings are used for the finishing touch! Now pre-finished and easier to color-match, H-Molds are easier and faster to install and allow for expansion and contraction of siding with no flashing or caulking needed.


Finishing Touches | Drip Caps and Flashing in 2018


Drip Cap Z-Flash


Drip caps are used above windows and doors. This is the best defense against water penetration and ensures long lasting protection. This product saves time from not having to fabricate in the field, is more cost-saving and is an essential part of the home's exterior moisture management system.




Flashing is engineered to create an effective downward and outward water flow off the roof and away from the walls. The unique design ensures correct uniform installations and has a versatile design for all roof pitches, is flexible, seamless and better than ineffective field fabricated metal flashings. This flashing can withstand ice damaging and wind driven rain and is its UV resistant construction will outlast most roofing materials.


RigidMount Blocks | New Designs!

This is an exclusive line of mounts built on LP® SmartSide® designed with built-in water management to help reduce the risk of moisture intrusion and includes a nail flange for a flawless finished look.


Now available in six versatile styles


♦The Blank Horizontal RigidMount™ features a wide design without pre-cut holes, allowing for easy pass through for HVAC piping or any mix of wall utilities.





 A PErsonalized RigidMount™ Block can hold up to five characters (letters or numbers) routed in either black or white and blend flawlessly with any color!




More about this product:


♦ Built-in drip cap and nailing flange

♦ Grab-N-Go Installation

♦Eliminates the need to flash or touch up nail heads

♦Reduces the risk of moisture intrusion





 Find out more about this product and its warranty!



What Else is New in 2018?



7" and 9" Staggered and Straight Shake


Available for purchase March 1st!


Diamond Kote Colors that will no longer be available after June 1st, unless under warranty:


♦ Sycamore

♦ Maple

♦ Cedar

♦ Sequoia

♦ Bungalow




Also, No More Duo Blends after June 1st 2018!




There will be 200 more skew Numbers that will be kept stocked  for easier access. 


*8 more products per color!



And Finally...



New Color Pallets coming in 2019!!


Check out their new designs and color Pallets!

Enkor Accents


♦ 3D Printing

♦ Washable

♦ Two-Tone Colors



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